No-code automation / Low-code automation

Accelerate application delivery and team skill sets

No-code/low-code automation simplifies testing for Agile QA teams, supports testing of increasingly complex architectures and applications, and tackles the challenge of delivering more quality - faster.
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Why no-code/low-code testing for Agile teams

Traditional automation requires script-savvy experts to build and keep up with automation tests. Add the need for various automation tools like Appium, Selenium, element locator, and various locating strategies and it is no wonder that engineering managers are scrambling to find a simpler solution. BotzAutomation answered the call for a simpler automation tool that doesn’t require users to be proficient in scripting and are able to reduce the time spent updating outdated automation.
Write end-to-end tests without writing a single line of code
Even non-developers can write, run, and maintain tests
Decrease cost of creating new automation tests
Increase test coverage
Increase risk mitigation with quick adoption to changes
Focus on innovating products rather than automating testing
By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies, up from less than 25% in 2020. - Gartner

No-code/Low-code capabilities with BotzAutomation

Automated API component generation
Connect to anything with a REST or GraphQL API.
Dynamic object identification
Highly reusable components
Data management
Drag and drop
Real-time business flow creation
Orchestrated executions
ERP/Product specific add-ons

Low-code and No-code – What is the difference?

Low-code No-code
Target users Developers Business users
Ease-of-use Easy Super easy
Automation speed Fast, compared to scripting Even faster
Simplicity Simpler, compared to scripting Even simpler
Complexity of tests Can create complex tests Can create simple tests
Coding need Some coding required No coding required
Customization Total customization possible Pre-built templates can be customized
End-to-end automation Full capabilities, depending on integrations Limited capabilities
BotzAutomation is designed to meet the low-code/no-code automation needs of an organization. Both developers and business users can rely on BotzAutomation to develop and ensure quality in their applications.
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Other features of BotzAutomation

Component-based test authoring
Test data management
Reporting and analytics
Visual testing
Real-time feedback

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